ACC 50th Anniversary Basketball Team

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A few years back, the ACC announced its 50th Anniversary Basketball Team, as selected by a 120-member "blue-ribbon committee." Not surprisingly, the University of North Carolina led all conference schools with 12 players selected, followed by Duke with 11, Maryland with eight, Wake Forest with five, North Carolina State and Georgia Tech with four, Virginia with three, Clemson with two and South Carolina with one.

Those chosen were:

Kenny Anderson (Georgia Tech, 1990-1), Shane Battier (Duke, 1998-2001), Len Bias (Maryland, 1983-6), Elton Brand (Duke, 1998-9), Tom Burleson (NC State, 1971-4), Len Chappell (Wake Forrest, 1960-2), Randolph Childress (Wake Forest, 1991, 1993-5), Billy Cunningham (UNC, 1963-5), Brad Daugherty (UNC, 1983-6), Charlie Davis (Wake Forest, 1969-71), Walter Davis (UNC, 1974-7), Johnny Dawkins (Duke, 1983-6), Juan Dixon (Maryland, 1999-2002), Tim Duncan (Wake Forest, 1994-7), Len Elmore (Maryland, 1972-4), Danny Ferry (Duke, 1986-9), Phil Ford (UNC, 1975-8), Mike Gminski (Duke, 1977-80), Horace Grant (Clemson, 1984-7), Matt Harpring (Georgia Tech, 1995-8), Dickie Hemric (Duke, 1952-5), Art Heyman (Duke, 1961-3), Grant Hill (Duke, 1991-4), Bobby Hurley (Duke, 1990-3), Antawn Jamison (UNC, 1996-8), Bobby Jones (UNC, 1972-4), Michael Jordan (UNC, 1982-4), Albert King (Maryland, 1978-81), Christian Laettner (Duke, 1989-92), Jeff Lamp (Virginia, 1978-81), John Lucas (Maryland, 1973-6), Tom McMillen (Maryland, 1972-4), Larry Miller (UNC, 1966-8), Rodney Monroe (NC State, 1988-91), Jeff Mullins (Duke, 1962-4), Barry Parkhill (Virginia, 1971-3), Sam Perkins (UNC, 1981-4), Mark Price (Georgia Tech, 1983-6), John Roche (South Carolina, 1969-71), Wayne "Tree" Rollins (Clemson, 1974-7), Lennie Rosenbluth (UNC, 1954-7), Ralph Sampson (Virginia, 1980-2), Charlie Scott (UNC, 1968-70), Dennis Scott (Georgia Tech, 1988-90), Ron Shavlik (NC State, 1954-6), Joe Smith (Maryland, 1994-5), David Thompson (NC State, 1993-5), Buck Williams (Maryland, 1979-81), Jason Williams (Duke, 2000-2) and James Worthy (UNC, 1980-2).

By the way, of these 50 selections, 12 were North Carolina natives and 12 were from the state of New York. Next was Maryland with five.

Certainly, if you're an avid ACC hoops fan you're going to have an issue or two with these selections (Matt Harpring over Mike O'Koren??). So make your own Top 50 list. Myself, I'm self-employed, and thus don't have such luxury. I did manage to make time, though, for First and Second Team All-Time Tobacco Road selections, along with a few honorable mentions. I've selected my teams (roughly) by position, because it's more fun that way - you know, imagining them actually on the court functioning as interworking parts and whatnot.

So return to the menu and see what I have come up with....

ACC 50th Anniversary Basketball Team

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